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Georgie Friedman


January 27 -  April 4, 2021

Emerson Contemporary



A site-specific, sculptural video installation.

The eight sculptural video forms in Hurricane Lost are based on the shapes of hurricane cloud walls, while their spatial layout mimics the circular wind patterns.

Hurricane Lost spans the gallery's 1700 sq. ft. floor-plan and rises toward the 20 ft. high ceilings. A soundscape whirls around visitors, as they choose their own path through the storm.

Event and Talks:

Wednesday, February 10, 2020

More info and events coming soon*

Leonie Bradbury, Curator

Georgie Friedman’s large-scale, immersive video installations reference our changing climate and extreme weather phenomena. The rapidly melting glaciers, resultant sea-level rise, and warming oceans are increasing the intensity of hurricanes and lead to more frequent, and more-often-catastrophic weather events. Visually metaphoric and experiential, Hurricane Lost captures the inherent power of nature and visualizes the effects of our changing climate.

As visitors intuitively navigate the curved video-covered forms, they are invited to contemplate their relationship to both the natural and built environment. Hurricane Lost inventively addresses the climate crisis not by providing more scientific data, facts, and figures, but rather by enticing a visceral, emotive response through an immersive sound and light environment. Despite its meditative, aesthetically soothing presentation, it serves as a powerful call to action as it asks whether we can imagine a different, better future. And if so, whether we are willing to change the way we act and make the choices needed to get us there.

Emerson Contemporary

Media Art Gallery, Emerson College

25 Avery Street, Boston, MA 02111

HOURS: Wednesday to Sunday | 12:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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This exhibit is presented in conjunction with the 2020-2021 national Feminist Art Coalition (FAC) project.

The Media Art Gallery on 25 Avery Street is centrally located near the Boston Common in the Theater District of the Downtown Crossing neighborhood—and the only gallery in Boston exclusively focused on moving image art, performance art and emergent media.