Fragments of Antarctica features photographic pairings and groups, a two-channel video (In the Wake of Icebergs, Antarctica Series, 25 min, continuous loop, silent, 2019), along with two site-specific installations:

Edge of the Current: Antarctic Sound (2019), is a three-channel video installation that activates the 65 foot long curved balcony in the MFA’s Contemporary Wing. Merging the tumultuous Antarctic seas with the architecture, it creates a watery surface and perimeter for the exhibit, while generating a sea-level waterline one-story-high within the museum. 

Below Churning Ice, consists of three suspended, kinetic sculptures, Churning Icebergs I - III (2019). I designed and installed the sculptures to take advantage of the 23 ft high ceilings, skylight roof, and open balcony so they would reflect natural and artificial light while rotating beyond the traditional confines of the space. The sectional, brushed-aluminum sculptures reference the above/below water aspects of icebergs, while inverting our typical perspective, placing us beneath the ice. 

Churning Iceberg I, Aluminum, 4' x 7' 6"

Churning Iceberg II, Aluminum, 3' 6" x 7' 6"

Churning Iceberg III, Aluminum, 9' x 6'

Exhibition info

Press release: "Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica" offers passport to imperiled Antarctic

Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica

Exhibition Preview

all images, video and other content © georgie friedman

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | Contemporary Wing, second floor: Gallery 268

1:01 min, 2019