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Inquiry: 2010 Decordova Biennial special

Inquiry, with host Mark Lynch

Inquiry welcomes back DINA DEITSCH, Assistant Curator of the DECORDOVA SCULPTURE PARK AND MUSUEM in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Dina is here to talk about the 2010 DECORDOVA BIENNIAL, the museum’s new showcase of some of the most interesting and challenging contemporary artists of New England.

Ms. Deitsch talks about the selection process, why the Decordova is now doing a biennial, and how organizing such a project is a “doomed endeavor.” To see a list of events and lectures about this dynamic show, and examples of the work of the artists go to: 2010 DECORDOVA BIENNIAL.

Also in the studio are two of the artists featured in this year’s Biennial. GEORGIE FRIEDMAN creates video installations and multi-channel works that explore how we view the powerful forces of nature. To see examples of her work, go to:

AUGUST VENTIMIGLIA is a conceptual artist that creates site-specific performance based explorations of movement and language. To se examples of his work, go to:

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Length: 45:49 minutes