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WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE: Paean to a Vanishing Resource


Water, Water Everywhere is comprised of 30-second to 30-minute films from forty-five international artists exploring water issues, from the political to the personal and from ethics to aesthetics, with works that are documentary, experimental, educational, humorous, solemn, animated or acted.




August 1 - Dec 31: The Museums at Los Gatos, Los Gatos, California

September 15 - October 26:

Francis McCray Gallery of Contemporary Art, Department of Expressive Arts, Western New Mexico University: Electro Gila The Power of Water, Rio Grande, Gila, Mimbres Rivers-Vecinos Exhibition,

In collaboration with ISEA 2012 Albuquerque (18th International Symposium on Electroinc Art) and in collaboration with the 8th Annual Gila River Festival

October 24: "Sustainability Day," Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

October 27 & 28: Upez African Humanitarian Development Project, Lagos, Nigeria


January 26: MIA Screening Series, Armory Center for the Arts

Pasadena, California:,,,


June 1 - August 24: El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas

September 4 to November 15 -- University of Maine, Farmington


Sept-Oct: Alexey von Schlippe Gallery, University of Connecticut-Avery Point

Sept 2015 - June 2016:  Huntington Museum of Art, West Virginia

November 3 - 24: Allegheny College, PA

More locations and updates:   CALENDAR




Evan Abramson & Carmen Elsa Lopez: Carbon for Water

Diane Armitage: The Great River
Diane Armitage is an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ruben Aubrecht: April

Christine Baeumler: Amazon Twilight & Surfacing

Krisanne Baker:

Upstream to Downstream (In Our Bloodstreams)

World Water Crises: Potential Effects/Cumulative Effects

Manoj Baviskar:

I Came… I Saw… Prayed for Someone Whom I Love

Asa Maria Bengtsson & Ewa Cederstam: FLOW

Beth Block: Leaky Mountain

Jaap Blonk and Lisette Stalenhoef: Flababble 1

Claudia Borgna:

Sweep & Weep, Weep

Sweep & Poise of Tides

James Brady: Floodland Study #1 -Visible Measures

Jacques del Conte: A Colossal Fracking Mess

Fiammetta De Michele: Louisiana

Robert Ladislas Derr: Conservation of Momentum

Mary Rachel Fanning: The Trophy

Diego Fiori: Silenzio: Birth and Death of the Alter Ego
Diego Fiori was born in Rome and lives and works in Rome, Milan and Vienna.

Georgie Friedman: Light of the Storm

Friends of the Earth Middle East: Good Water Neighbors

J. Gluckstern: Ditches of Boulder

Henry Gwiazda: there's whispering

Monika Hapsari (Hapsari Dyah Aryani): Big Trash
Monika Hapsari (Hapsari Dyah Aryani) lives in Bantul Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Jason Houston: Indonesian Borneo: Water Meditation & Rain Meditation

International Rivers & Carla Pataky: A River Runs Through Us

Basia Irland:

A Gathering of Waters: Rio Grande Source to Sea

Book of Drought: A Water Memory

Robin Johnston : Death of Light in Symmetry

Pat Law: Voyage

Liz Marshall: excerpt from Water on the Table |

Smriti Mehra:Tade
Smriti Mehra is a video artist who lives and works in Bangalore, India.

Patrizia Monzani: found footage

Jessica Plumb:Climate Change: An Intimate Portrait

Carolyn Radlo & Alanna Simone: Rice Relief

Tobias Rosenberger: Sevastopol in August

Alka Sadat: The Kabul Sea

Gazelle Samizay: Left; im/pure; This Will Be the Last

Erik Slatkin & Tess Thackara: One Plastic Beach

Swarathma: Pyaasi (The Thirsty)

Michel Varisco: Shifting

Susanne Wiegner: Constant Dripping or No Escape

Georgie Friedman has an excerpt of Light of the Storm in this touring exhibition.