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BRINK v1, catalog, Lexi Lee Sullivan, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, 2014

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"In Friedman’s video “Snow Study III,” illuminated snowflakes dance against a dark sky outside her house. They pelt, pivot, float, and whirl. There’s no predictability to their dance, no snow bank for them to land upon — it’s just midair, black as night, tiny bright specks moving. As we do, through life." 

- excerpt from "Fading images leave lasting impressions," Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, March 18, 2014

"Other highlights from the show include... Georgie Friedman’s fantastic video, “Snow Study III,” of snowflakes whirling unpredictably against the night sky, dancing, on the verge of vanishing."

- excerpt from "Disappearing act," Cate McQuaid,, March 24, 2014

"Georgie Friedman’s experimental photographs concretize a transience not otherwise known. ...Her series of images show the sky, bits of cloud, and feel paradoxically serene despite her chaotic methodology.

- excerpt from "Brink v1 @ Mills Gallery," Mallory Craig, Boston Art Underground, April 12, 2014




BRINK v1 is the first in a series of exhibitions dedicated to emerging art in the Northeast and organized around a theme or subject determined by the invited exhibition curator. In BRINK v1, curator Lexi Lee Sullivan brings together four artists and one artists’ collaborative to explore ideas of itinerancy in contemporary photographic practices.

In Cole Caswell’s western expanses, Nelson Chan’s familial portraits, Georgie Friedman’s aerial abstractions, Houseboat Press’s travelogues and Scott Patrick Wiener’s mediated landscapes, travel is used as both process and subject. These photographers build on the rich artistic lineages of travel, documentary and street photography, and show the influence of inspired peripatetics from Walt Whitman to the Beat poets, in prints that seem similarly unrooted.

Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts
551 Tremont Street Boston, MA 02116 |

TOP IMAGE: Cole Caswell, Transient Salesman, New River, Arizona 2013, courtesy of Susan Maasch Fine Art

Cole Caswell | Nelson Chan | Georgie Friedman | Scott Patrick Wiener | Houseboat Press

Georgie Friedman will be exhibiting three photographic grids from Flight Series

and premiering Snow Study III (2013) in installation form (still below).

Panel discussion with the artists

Thursday, March 20 | 7-8:30pm
Moderated by Leslie K. Brown, independent curator, photo historian and educator.

Free and Open to the Public

Opening Reception
Thursday, February 13 | 6-8pm
Free and Open to the Public

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