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September 2 - 30, 2014

Foster Gallery, Dedham, MA

Georgie Friedman  |  Into the Wind    

In this solo exhibition, Georgie Friedman will premiere Hovering Hurricane: Sandy 2012, a multi-level kinetic-sculpture video-installation based on Hurricane Sandy, along with sixteen Flight Series photographs, two Snow Study videos and several drawing studies.  All of these pieces investigate the power of storms, wind, and our personal and cultural relationships to them. 

Artist Reception: Thursday, Sept. 11  |  5 - 7 pm

Artist Talk: Friday, Sept. 19 | 2:30 pm

Notes from the artist:

For a few years I've been contemplating how I can film things that aren’t visible or are barely visible. Yes, the contradiction is obvious.


INTO THE WIND includes a selection of pieces that begin this conversation, depicting invisible elements with their visual counterparts: wind gusts and the snow particles revealing them; the unmanned atmospheric journey of high-altitude balloons and the automated images recorded; hurricane cloud patterns and the individual storm properties that create them. But along with the elements themselves, I’m also very interested in our physical, psychological and societal relationships to them. I am fascinated by the power of these natural elements in relationship to human fragility and the ironic history of humankind trying to ignore, out wit, or conquer natural forces and boundaries.


By aesthetically simplifying the natural elements to minimalist forms, and removing the emotional contexts, I want to emphasize the inherent qualities of the element, while inviting viewers to re-examine their actual relationships with these phenomena, along with the growing digital mediation of our experiences.


For example, premiering in this exhibit is Hovering Hurricane: Sandy 2012, a hanging kinetic sculpture I created based on Hurricane Sandy. The four levels are planar cloud-pattern forms that respond to wind or human interaction. By reducing the scale and direct reference to its societal impact, I want to address perceptions of this kind of natural disaster and emphasize the conflict between the simplicity and complexity of such an occurrence. By bringing it indoors and using digital projection, I want to highlight our relationships to interior/exterior spaces and the architectural features that are built to "shield" us.


"Friedman mesmerizes at Foster," Cate McQuaid, Galleries, The Boston Globe, Sept 9, 2014


Hovering Hurricane: Sandy 2012, installation documentation, Foster Gallery, 2014



Georgie Friedman, Hovering Hurricane: Sandy 2012, single-channel video installation on four polycarbonate sections, height: 36 inches x full rotation diameter: 10 feet, video 10:54 min continuous loop with audio, 2014

Georgie Friedman, Flight II, Ascent I, (Cloud), from Flight Series, 2010-2011