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MASARY presents our quarterly event: Art School Confidential

ASC is an art event which includes 5 curated artists from many spectrums of art practices showing a piece of work that could be in progress, a newly finished piece, or previous work.

Artists crave critique, feedback, response, and sensation feedback. It gives the art more reason, and creates a sound bowl to bounce off of to continue creative practices with informed perceptions from other people. The event structure includes this, inviting guests to arrive and mingle to then switching over to focused viewing of each piece and then opening up the room for a 10 minute critique. It is an opportunity for artists to get that nostalgic art school crit and allow guests to participate and be a part of that discussion. This event is about holding space for community, relationships, joy, and of course the art.

ASC Episode 4 includes a variety of art practices, from live performance to installation, who all reside in the Boston area:

Caleb Hawkins

Georgie Friedman - Eye of the Storm III, circular HD video, 2017

Jade Rose

Max Ryan

Nelly Kate

Light refreshments will be provided.

Located at MASARY Studios in Fort Point, Boston*

15 Channel Center St, Unit 105, Boston, MA 02210

*First floor of the Midway Artist building

FREE but RSVPS required (limited space)