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Georgie Friedman


BREATHING– LIGHT is an experiential video and sound installation by Georgie Friedman that ponders the enormity of the intangible.

Imagery of the Sun’s corona rotates across three large, curved projection-forms which visually connect or separate based upon how visitors navigate the space. Simultaneously, volcanic smoke and formerly-tiny dust particles, encircle the space creating a connective atmosphere.

These elements could feel disparate, but when considered together, they are the tiny and immense things that connect us all. 

More information and installation views...

To fully experience the piece, plan for a 17 minute viewing time.

Curated by Dustin Williams.

Georgie Friedman researched, compiled, and animated thousands of photographs of the sun to create the videos in this exhibit. The Sun images are courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams. All other filming is by Georgie Friedman.

The soundscape was created in collaboration with Radio Sloan

January 19 - March 10, 2024

Oregon Center for Contemporary Art

First Saturday EVENTS

  February 3, 2024 - Portland Winter Light Festival

  March 2, 2024 - Artist Talk & Reception for Georgie Friedman | 5-8 PM

Oregon Contemporary | 8371 N. Interstate Ave | Portland, OR 97217




"Soak up the sun: Georgie Friedman," Hannah Krafcik, Oregon ArtsWatch, Feb 6, 2024