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Eye of the Storm is a multi-channel video installation that references the shape of a hurricane eye. Viewers can navigate the three curved forms and enter the 10 foot tall, 20 foot diameter, inverted conical shape.

Form 1 (eye): approx. 20' diameter x 10' high

Form 2 (large wind band): approx. 9' x 18' x 6'

Form 3 (small wind band): approx. 7' x 9' x 12"

(H x W x D)

The audio soundscape was created in collaboration with Jere Friedman. 

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Eye of the Storm, installation views, 2015

Watch: Eye of the Storm Documentation (preview), 2015, 56 seconds

Exhibit Press:

"Weather, worship, and whimsy," Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe, Galleries, Oct 13, 2015

"‘Eye Of The Storm’ Exhibit Brings You Into Eye Of A Hurricane," Pamela Gardner, CBS News, WBZ Boston, 1:33 min, Oct 2, 2015