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Eye of the Storm (2015) was originally built as a four-channel sculptural video installation that referenced the shape of a hurricane eye and its rain bands. Atlantic Ocean wave footage was digitally altered to resemble clouds, further referencing the cyclical nature of hurricanes.

In this 360° full dome adaptation, the swirling cloud-like forms and soundscape further envelop the viewer. 


Eye of the Storm V.2, Installation Documentation

2:01 min, 2017

Eye of the Storm V.2, digital preview/dome mock-up

30 seconds, 2017

Georgie Friedman, Eye of the Storm V.2 (360° fulldome), Charles Hayden Planetarium, Museum of Science, Oct 2017 (artist test). Photo: Jason Fletcher


Geneva International Film Festival | Program: Virtual Territories

Geneva, Switzerland |  Nov 2017

Swissnex Dome | HUBweek: Immersion | Boston, MA | Oct 2017

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Unless otherwise noted, photos by Georgie Friedman.