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Accelerated Particles, installation view, Kirkland Gallery, Harvard University, March 2024

Event info:

Unfiguring | Experiments in the Practice of Science and Art

    Unfiguring Conference info, Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University

    Unfiguring Exhibition info, Kirkland Gallery, Harvard Graduate School of Design

March 2024, Cambridge, MA

Video documentation forthcoming.

This installation was created for the Unfiguring - Experiments in the Practice of Science and Art conference at Harvard University in March, 2024.

Combining themes from the conference, and responding to the architecture of Harvard's Kirkland Gallery, I created a video installation that filled the front of the gallery.

I wanted to decontextualize the real-world elements that I filmed, play with a micro/macro scale shift, and create a space with possibly-unrecognizable visual elements for visitors to inhabit.

People read the imagery as bioluminescence sea life, snow in the wind, traveling through stars, algorithmically generated imagery, etc. I only told people what it was after they had fostered a hypothesis...

...stay tuned.

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