Installation details:

Above the Clouds was a video installation that could be seen on the corner of Harrison Avenue and Paul Sullivan Way in Boston, MA. It was designed to be seen by the general public, on the street, after sunset. It was on view nightly from January 5 - February 26, 2011.

Synchronized videos were projected onto the four window groupings, from three different rooms, within two separate galleries: Carroll and Sons and Anthony Greaney. Each of the four window groupings were approximately 100” H x 126” W. If you were to walk along the building, the installation spanned about 80 feet and was about 15 feet high.

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This project has been supported by a grant from the Artists’ Resource Trust.

Using footage from a high-altitude balloon

(Flight II), the building becomes a unified space, filled with a rotating, swaying, abstract atmosphere.

Above the Clouds is part of Flight Series, 2010-2011.

web quality video, 1:57 min, 2011

Note: a clip of the projected video, Flight II, Ascent Excerpt, is shown under the text at the end of this installation documentation.

size: approx. 15’ x 60’ x 20’ (H x W x D)

video: Flight II, Ascent Excerpt, 26 min loop