Below Churning Ice consists of three suspended kinetic sculptures, Churning Icebergs I - III (2019). The sectional aluminum sculptures reference the above/below water aspects of icebergs, while inverting our typical perspective, placing us beneath the ice. 

I designed and installed the sculptures to take advantage of the 23 ft high ceilings, skylight roof, and open balcony so they would reflect natural and artificial light while rotating beyond the traditional confines of the space. 

Churning Icebergs I - III

Polished aluminum, rotating motors, hanging hardware, blue and white lights

Dimensions (H x W):

     Churning Iceberg I, 4' x 7' 6"  (front, over balcony)

     Churning Iceberg II, 3' 6" x 7' 6"  (left)

     Churning Iceberg III, 9' x 6' (back corner)

Thickness: 0.090" & 0.125"


Also pictured:

Edge of the Current: Antarctic Sound (2019)

Three-channel video installation; 4K video, continuous loop, silent

3 ft x 65 ft curved balcony


Part of the exhibit:

Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

April 13 - September 16, 2019.

Space dimensions:

Ceiling: 23 to 10 feet

Floor space: 13 x 13 ft (approx.)

all images, video and other content © georgie friedman

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Contemporary Wing, second floor


Documentation: 2:08 min, 2019 | Also on: Vimeo & YouTube