Fragments of Antarctica features photographic pairings and groups, a two-channel video: In the Wake of Icebergs, Antarctica Series, 25 min, continuous loop, silent, 2019; along with two site-specific installations:

Edge of the Current: Antarctic Sound (2019), is a three-channel video installation that activates the 65 foot long curved balcony in the MFA’s Contemporary Wing. Merging the tumultuous Antarctic seas with the architecture, it creates a watery surface and perimeter for the exhibit, while generating a sea-level waterline one-story-high within the museum. 

Below Churning Ice

Site-specific installation: Churning Icebergs I - III

Aluminum kinetic sculptures


Exhibition info

Press release: "Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica" offers passport to imperiled Antarctic

Georgie Friedman: Fragments of Antarctica

Exhibition Preview

all images, video and other content © georgie friedman

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston | Contemporary Wing, second floor: Gallery 268

1:01 min, 2019 | Also on: Vimeo & YouTube